Visnyk of the Lviv University.
Series Bibliology, Library Studies and Information Technologies


2006. Issue 1







Iaroslav ISAIEVYCH. Ukrainian bibliology: the stages of development. P. 719 / Full text / Annotation /

Lyubov DUBROVINA. Codicological, paleographical and archeographical research of manuscripts in the Institute of manuscript research of the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine (late 1980s  early 21st century). P. 2030 / Full text / Annotation /

Vira FRYS. On formats of the earliest cyrillic manuscript codices in Rus. P. 3140 / Full text / Annotation /

Oksana KLYMENKO. The first printed cyrillic primers and their influence on the Ukrainian educational book. Visnyk of the Lviv University. Series Bibliology, Library Studies and Information Technologies. P. 4154 / Full text / Annotation /

Margarita KORZO. The Ukrainian-Byelorussian primers catechisms, 17th18th centuries. P. 5571 / Full text / Annotation /

Roman KYSELYOV. Genre repertoire of Ukrainian-language editions of Pochaiv monastery of the 18th the first third part of 19th century. P. 7288 / Full text / Annotation /

Bohdan YAKYMOVYCH. Ivan Franko  editor of works of Yuriy Osyp Fedkovych. P. 89113 / Full text / Annotation /

Renata SAMOTYJ. Typology of scientific book of the Lviv Politechnics: historical foreshortening. P. 114119 / Full text / Annotation /

Aldona VASILIAUSKIENE. The Lithuanian Catholic Academy of Science as a publishing center (1922  1940). P. 120132 / Full text / Annotation /

Maryana DOLYNSKA. Localisation of the Lvivs Stavropygian print-house. P. 133140 / Full text / Annotation /




Natalia SHVETS. To the history of the incunabula collection at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. P. 141167 / Full text / Annotation /

Halyna KOVALCHUK. The study in history of formation of old-printed books collections and their certification. P. 168173 / Full text / Annotation /

Olha KOLOSOVSKA. To defend the interests of the Ukrainian people: the activities of the Union of Ukrainian Scientific Workers of Libraries and Museums in Lviv (1930  1939). P. 174180 / Full text / Annotation /

Natalya KUNANETS. Library of the Osnova student society: formation and main stages of its activity. Visnyk of the Lviv University. Series Bibliology, Library Studies and Information Technologies. P. 181195 / Full text / Annotation /




Mykhailo KRIL, Iryna SMOGORZHEVSKA. Historical bibliography in Soviet Ukraine: organizational development (1918  1940). P. 196203 / Full text / Annotation /

Tykhin LESHCHUK. Functional role of the Latin terminological dictionaries (nvestigation on the basis of bibliographical resourses). P. 204211 / Full text / Annotation /




Luisa ILNYTSKA. The correspondence between Ivan Zilinskyi and Mykhailo Vozniak (1916  1930) as a source of the bibliological interests of M. Vozniak. P. 212230 / Full text / Annotation /




Vitaliy BONDARENKO. Digital archive: advantages, possibilities, planning, creating, using (by the Irmos project). P. 231248 / Full text / Annotation /






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