Visnyk of the Lviv University.

Series Bibliology, Library Studies and Information Technologies


2007. Issue 2





Halyna CHUBA. The text study of the ukrainian scholastic gospels of the second part of time 16th – the beginning of the 17th centuries Peremysh’ type.  P. 5–38  / Full text / Annotation /

Natalia KIT. Book trade of the L’viv Stavropegian brotherhood of the 16th – early 18th c.  P. 39–53  / Full text / Annotation /

Jolanta GWIOŹDZIK. A book on the lives of the saints of norbert possessed by the abbess Dorota Kącka in the L’viv university library.  P. 54-61  / Full text / Annotation /

Volodymyr SHEVCHUK. The printer of the 17th century, the author of the military book Onyssym Radyshevs’kyi, son of Mykhailo.  P. 62–75  / Full text / Annotation /

Halina RUSIŃSKA-GIERTYCH. L’viv periodicals by the end of the 18th century.  P. 76–84  / Full text / Annotation /

Bohdan YAKYMOVYCH. Famous all-Ukrainian publications of the 19th century (dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the almanacs «Vesselka», «Vatra» and «Pershyi Vinok»).  P. 85–94  / Full text / Annotation /

Aldona VASILIAUSKIENIE. «News of the Lithuanian-Ukrainian society»: its contribution to Lithuanian culture.  P. 95–105  / Full text / Annotation /

Ol’ha IVANOVA. The use of databases in the codex studies of the manuscripts on the example of the database «Codex».  P. 106–115  / Full text / Annotation /




Anna RYBALKA. Ivan Franko as a library user.  P. 116–126  / Full text / Annotation /

Natalya KUNANETS. The library of the student organization «Medical community»: its shaping and development.  P. 127–139  / Full text / Annotation /

Liubov KOMARYNS’KA. Fund-raising – the problem of off-budget financing in L’viv libraries.  P. 140–148  / Full text / Annotation /

Małgorzata KISILOWSKA, Jadwiga WOŹNIAK-KASPEREK. Is there future for cataloguing? A relatively-ordered dialogue. P. 149–157  / Full text / Annotation /




Oleh PIKH. At the roots of the research and bibliographical activities of Myron Korduba.  P. 158–171  / Full text / Annotation /




Volodymyr ALEKSANDROVYCH. Newly found sources to the biography of the L’viv publisher Mykhailo Sliozka.  P. 172–191  / Full text / Annotation /

Oleksandr BARAN. Kholms’kyi pomyanyk (according to the text of Lev Kyshka’s collection).  P. 192–208  / Full text / Annotation /




Iryna ANTONIUK. On the history of the music collections of the library of the Mykola Lyssenko State Music Acadeny of L’viv.  P. 209–216  / Full text / Annotation /

Yuriy LYSSYI. The funds of the Ivan Franko L’viv National University Scholarly Library as a source for the research of national relations in L’viv University (the 19th & the beginning of the 20th c. – 1939).  P. 217–224  / Full text / Annotation /

Josas BANIONIS. Lithuanian manuals on mathematics (1904 – 1914).  P. 225–229  / Full text / Annotation /

Andriy KLISH. Publicistic and editorial-publishing activity of Kyrylo Studynskyy.  P. 230–237  / Full text / Annotation /

Olha SHELIUKH. The principles of the scholarly editing of Vassyl’ Simovych (on the example of editing Ivan Franko’s writings).  P. 238–244  / Full text / Annotation /

Olena SOKUR. Major principles of selecting new scholarly journals at Vernads’kyi National Library of Ukraine.  P. 245–247  / Full text / Annotation /




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