Visnyk of the Lviv University.
Series Bibliology, Library Studies and Information Technologies


2009. Issue 4





Vira FRYS. Environment of “bookish people” in Ukraine in the 10th–14th centuries.  P. 3–9  / Full text / Annotation /

Mariya HOLUB. Manuscript Mineyas created in Lviv in the 16th – beginning of the 18th centuries as a source of the bibliological studies.  P. 10–21  / Full text / Annotation /

Mariola JARCZYKOWA. Cultural functions of the Radziwiłłs’ ancestral libraries in 17th century.  P. 22–27  / Full text / Annotation /

Hryhoriy SAVCHUK. On the “decadance” of the Ukrainian typography in Halychyna in the 18th century.  P. 28–35  / Full text / Annotation /

Nataliya CHERNYSH. The Ukrainian manuscript book and black-letter book in the scientific legacy of Ilarion Sventsits’kyi.  P. 36–46 / Full text / Annotation /

Aliaksandr STEFANOVICH. Private collections in the Central Scientific Library of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.  P. 47–56 / Full text / Annotation /




Mariya DYACHUK. Formation history of the foreign literature depositary of the Chernivtsi University Scientific Library.  P. 57–67  / Full text / Annotation /

Nataliya KUNANETS’. Proceeding of Lviv scientific libraries’ depositaries (the end of the 19th century – 30-s of the 20th century) and creation of references for them: peculiarities of methodology and methods.  P. 68–85  / Full text / Annotation /

Liudmyla LUCHKA. The activity of the Katerynoslavs’ka “Prosvita” library committee in the early XX century (1905 – 1915).  P. 86–92  / Full text / Annotation /

Ewa WÓJCIK. Stanisław Lewicki’s lending library “Lektor” in Lviv (1915 – 1928).  P. 93–103  / Full text / Annotation /

Oleh SHYLIUK. Library studies in Bukovyna in the 40th of the XX century.  P. 104–111  / Full text / Annotation /

Halina RUSIŃSKA-GIERTYCH. Wroclaw Uniwersity Library (history and modern state).  P. 112–122  / Full text / Annotation /

Nastasiya ZAHORODNA. Scientific and research work of the Scientific Library of the Chernivtsi National University in the 21st century.  P. 123–128  / Full text / Annotation /

Maryna BOBROVA. Manuscripts depositary of the Central Scientific Library of the V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University: problems of preservation and usage.  P. 129–135  / Full text / Annotation /

Halyna SOLOIDENKO. The role of V. Vernads’kyi National Library of Ukraine in the libraries cooperation organization, the activity of associations and independent organizations.  P. 136–145  / Full text / Annotation /

Tetiana NOVAL’S’KA. Library readers studies as a component of the special library science.  P. 146–152  / Full text / Annotation /




Liudmyla TRACHUK. Electronic bibliographical resources at the library websites of the Ukrainian higher education institutions. P. 153–166  / Full text / Annotation /




Dmytro TARASOV. Informatization of the Science and technology library of the National University “Lviv Politechnic”.  P. 167–176  / Full text / Annotation /

Nataliya BER’OZKINA, Oksana DROZD. Creation and usage of electronic information resources in the Central Science Library of the National Science Academy of Belarus.  P. 177–182  / Full text / Annotation /

Olena BABICHEVA. The use of the latest technologies in library-infirmation practice: based on the experience of the Central Scientific Library of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University.  P. 183–187  / Full text / Annotation /

Jadwiga WOŹNIAK-KASPEREK. Bibliography 2.0: a short-lived trend or an established model?  P. 188–194  / Full text / Annotation /




Edward RÓŻYCKY. On the history of the library of Lviv latin cathedral.  P. 195–199  / Full text / Annotation /

Rima CICĖNIENĖ. Vladas Drėma’s research of the book art in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.  P. 200–205  / Full text / Annotation /

Yuriy MYTSYK. Recollections about Fedir Maksymenko.  P. 206–213  / Full text / Annotation /

Jolita STEPONAITENĖ. Criteria for document selection for creating virtual library. Experience of National Library of Lithuania.  P. 214–217  / Full text / Annotation /

Maryna KOSTENKO. Bibliometric analysis of the books flow as a branch of the book studies research (on the basis of the example of artistic literature in the years 2005 – 2006).  P. 218–224  / Full text / Annotation /

Iryna TSVIRKUN. Transformation of role of scientific methodological management during the current period of library development.  P. 225–229  / Full text / Annotation /

Alla KRYVA, Valentyna PERELYHINA. The library of the National University of Water Industry and Natural Resources Management as an information scientific centre.  P. 230–234  / Full text / Annotation /

Ol’ha YEPIFANOVA. The role of web-site in the library-informational services of the Scientific Library of Volodymyr Dal’ Eastern-Ukrainian National University.  P. 235–239  / Full text / Annotation /

Viktoriya ZHUK. Studies of the development history and current state of the Scientific Library of Ivan Franko Lviv National University considered by the students of Rivne Humanitarian University.  P. 240–245  / Full text / Annotation /


The sessions of Lviv zonal methodical union.  P. 246–248

The chronicle of the cultural-educational events of the Library of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.  P. 249–263


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