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2010. Issue 5





Jolanta GWIOŹDZIK. L’viv in the culture of the monastery book in the Central and Eastern Europe. A thematic review.  С. 3–11  / Full text / Annotation /

Antoni KRAWCZYK. L’viv world of books in “A Hundred of Polish Writers” by Szymon Starowolski.  С. 12–27  / Full text / Annotation /

Oleksandr SEDLIAR. Distribution of publications of the society “Halyts’ko-Rus’ka Matytsia” (1848–1870).  С. 28–51  / Full text / Annotation /

Nataliya KIT. The Poles as owners of the 19th century bookplates (as based on the materials of the Scientific Library of the Ivan Franko L’viv National University).  С. 52–64  / Full text / Annotation /

Olena POLEVSHCHYKOVA. The collection of Romuald Hube in the Library of Odessa University.  С. 65–75  / Full text / Annotation /

Edyta CHOMENTOWSKA. Printed monastic calendars and catalogs in the funds of Library of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. Selected topics.  С. 76–84  / Full text / Annotation /

Anna DYMMEL. Reading in the Internet epoch. The main tendencies of researching the modern reading in Poland.  С. 85–95  / Full text / Annotation /




Zbigniew OLCZAK. The 19th century book depository in the Library of the University of Warsaw: formation, characteristics and its importance to national culture and science.  С. 96–105  / Full text / Annotation /

Mariya KONOPKA. Libraries of the L’viv craftsmen’s societies during the Halychyna autonomy period and their functions.  С. 106–115  / Full text / Annotation /

Oleksandra PLYTUS. The activity of the libraries of the society “Ridna Shkola” in Halychyna in 1924–1939.  С. 116–121  / Full text / Annotation /

Tetiana SHOVKOPLIAS, Alla HERUS. History of formation and current state of the cartographic fund of the V. I. Vernads’kyi National library of Ukraine.  С. 122–129  / Full text / Annotation /

Olena OSTALETS’KA. Publications of the leading European cartographic centers of the 16th – 18th centuries in the funds of the cartographic publications sector of the V. I. Vernads’kyi National library of Ukraine.  С. 130–136  / Full text / Annotation /

Myhaylo BIHUSIAK. The Scientific Library of Pre-Carpathian National Vassyl’ Stefanyk University (1946–2008): history, achievements and tasks under the conditions of modernization.  С. 137–144  / Full text / Annotation /

Halina RUSIŃSKA-GIERTYCH. The Wrocław Institute of Scientific Information and Library Studies: its history and activity.  С. 145–152  / Full text / Annotation /

Elżbieta PETROVIĆ, Marek MICHALSKI. Traditional library or free access library – what is the best option for the country with market economy establishing? (By experience of Warsaw University in 2000–2007).  С. 153–164  / Full text / Annotation /

Tetiana KULAKOVS’KA. The V. I. Vernads’kyi National Library of Ukraine as a scholarly and research institution: the major activity directions.  С. 165–172  / Full text / Annotation /

Olena VOSKOBOINIKOVA-HUZIEVA. The scholarly library of the 21st century in the European socio-cultural dimension.  С. 173–177  / Full text / Annotation /

Renata FRĄCZEK. Contemporary academic libraries vs. Distance teaching.  С. 178–185  / Full text / Annotation /




Adam NOWAK. Controversy between Ludwig Finkel and Mykhaylo Hrushevs’kyi as to the role of “Bibliography of Polish history” in the past of Poland and Ukraine.  С. 186–194  / Full text / Annotation /

Valentyna BEREZKINA. Frankiana in the Department of the foreign Ukrainica the V. I. Vernads’kyi National Library of Ukraine.  С. 195–209  / Full text / Annotation /

Svitlana HUCH. The problems of creating bibliographic information on the historical regions of Ukraine.  С. 210–215  / Full text / Annotation /




Ivan SVARNYK. L’viv University archives: history of the institution, fate and stacks of the funds.  С. 216–229  / Full text / Annotation /

Volodymyr SHEVCHUK. The diaries of Vassyl’ Slovins’kyi of 1915–1922 as an historical and regional ethnography source.  С. 230–242  / Full text / Annotation /

Andriy SOVA. Documents of the Ukrainian Armed Underground in Yavoriv territory in the funds of the Scientific Library of the Ivan Franko National University in L’viv.  С. 243–257  / Full text / Annotation /




Olena STANKEVYCH. Ukrainian book studies of the 19th and early 20th cc.: electronic resources development plan.  С. 258–265  / Full text / Annotation /




Volodymyr DOLINOVS’KYI. Bernardine Archives in L’viv (1784–1933): the history of archival collections.  С. 266–269  / Full text / Annotation /

Volodymyr KLIUVAK. State Archives in L’viv during the interwar period (1918–1941).  С. 270–280  / Full text / Annotation /

Rostyslav MEL’NYK. History of establishing and review of the fund “State Archives in L’viv (1932–1939)”.  С. 281–286  / Full text / Annotation /

Oleh BONDAR. Roman Zubyk as a historian and public man.  С. 287–291  / Full text / Annotation /

Ewa KLAPCIŃSKA. Professor Teofil Emil Modelski (1881–1967) – organizer of the archive of Wrocław University and its first director.  С. 292–299  / Full text / Annotation /

Vassyl’ KYSLYI. State Archives of L’viv region in 1939–2009: stages of development.  С. 300–303  / Full text / Annotation /




Iryna KMET’. The hymn of Grunwald victory over Teutons: Ukrainian aspects of the dispute about its origin.  С. 304–314  / Full text / Annotation /


Myroslav TROFYMUK. “Passport for the Rusyn” from the funds of the Scientific Library of Ivan Franko National University in L’viv (the first Latin typewritten publication about Ukraine, 1584).  С. 315–322  / Full text / Annotation /

Yuriy LYSSYI. The collection of the engineer Ludwig Birkenmeier: description, classification and content specification.  С. 323–326  / Full text / Annotation /

Renata SAMOTYI. “Biuleten’” – a periodical of the Ukrainian student society “Osnova” in L’viv in 1943–1944: historical and source-study research.  С. 327–332  / Full text / Annotation /

Jadwiga WOŹNIAK-KASPEREK. Information organisation in subject gateways.  С. 333–339  / Full text / Annotation /

Lesia DZENDZELIUK, Liubov L’ODA. Application of the bibliopegistic researches in restoration practice for preserving information.  С. 340–345  / Full text / Annotation /


Nataliya DEMCHUK. The discourse of bibliopsychology in the system of librarian and informational activity during 20th – 21th centuries: bibliographical materials.  С. 346–355

Halyna TALANTOVA. Commemoration of 400th anniversary of the Scientific Library, the Ivan Franko National University in L’viv (the speech at the plenary session of the International scientific conference “Library as a sociocultural phenomenon: history and the present”, October 15, 2008).  С. 356–361

Lidiya VERBYTS’KA. Yuvileinyi sympozium. Ivan Franko (1856–1916). 150 rokiv vid dnia narodzhennia. Bucharest: RCR Editorial, 2008. 273 s.  С. 362–364

The sessions of L’viv zonal metodical union.  С. 365–366

The chronicle of the cultural-educational events of the Scientific Library of Ivan Franko National University of L’viv.  С. 367–377


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