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Series Bibliology, Library Studies and Information Technologies


2014. Issue 8





Maria JUDA. Privileged printing houses in L’viv in the old Polish period (16th–18th century). С. 3–8

Bogdan STEMPIEŃ. Giovanni Botero and his ‛Universal Relations’: role and importance of his work for the understanding of everyday life in ancient civilizations.  С. 9–19

Tomasz NIKLAS. Ivan Fylypovych printing activity for the order of Józef Alexandr Jabłonowski.  С. 20–29

Kinga POMES. КJabłoński bookselling family from Glogów-Malopolski.  С. 30–37

Oleksandr SEDLYAR. Publishing activities of Ivan and Yakiv Holovatsky in 1840–1848.  С. 38–61

Olena NAUMOVA. Publication of samizdat in ukrainian publishing houses outside the USSR (as based on the materials of Scientific Library of Ivan Franko National University).  С. 62–75




Nataliya BERIOZKINA. Educational activities of Orthodox brotherhoods in western rus’ during the 16th–17th centuries. С. 76–85

Oleh DUKH. Liquidation of Union and Roman Catholic monasteries in the Russian Empire and fate of their libraries (the end of 18th–19th centuries).  С. 86–100

Anna DYMMEL. Notarial records as a source of history of reading studies in the 19th and 20th centuries.  С. 101–111

Wioleta JAKUBAS. “Kornik, joyful odnodenkas of Jagiellonian library”.  С. 112–130

Renata ALEKSANDROWICZ. Research techniques peculiarities of the book culture of advanced age people.  С. 131–141

Tetiana KOLESNYKOVA. The strategy of higher schools libraries development in Ukraine for 2013–2015: professional viewpoint.  С. 142–148




Ivanna STEPOVA. Kolomyia publishing series “Theatrical Library” (1898–1914): bibliographical aspect.  С. 149–161

Iryna MILYASEVYCH. The creation of basic elements of national regional bibliographical resources during the last thirty years of the Soviet Union (1959–1990).  С. 162–183

Lyudmyla PASICHNYK. Scientific secondary personal bibliography of belles-lettres and literature studies in Ukraine from 1990 to 2010: survey of publications of leading institutions in Ukraine.  С. 184–192




Maryan MUDRYI. Ruthenian council of 1848: historiographic and source criticism overview.  С. 193–206

Ivanna CHERCHOVYCH. Sources of the research of ukrainian women daily life in Halychyna between the 19th and the 20th centuries.  С. 207–219

Olena HANUSYN. Daily life of Ukrainian intellectuals in Halychyna in the second part of the 19th century – at the beginning of the 20th century in the light of sources and historiographic interpretations.  С. 220–230

Yuriy LYSYI. Polish posters of 1920s in the collection of military press of Scientific Library of Ivan Franko National University of L’viv.  С. 231–237

Iryna MATYASH. “Archival world leader”: Theodore Roosevelt Schellenberg and his contribution to the development of archival science in the USA.  С. 238–255




Andriy KLYMCHUK. Private libraries of the Polish nobility of historical Volyn’.  С. 256–267

Kateryna LYSKOVA. History pages of booktrade in Kharkiv in the 19th century.  С. 268–273

Yevanhelina CHYRUK. УUkrainian public reading rooms in Halychyna at the end of the 19th century in the researches of Mykhailo Pavlyk.  С. 274–279

Oksana SAZHOK. Public reading hall of Volodymyr-Volyns’kyi St. Volodymyr fraternity in 1896–1899.  С. 280–287

Liubov PUHACH. The activity of the reading rooms of Mykhailo Kachkovs’kyi Society in the light of organizational and methodical documents.  С. 288–295

Alla KRYVA, Valentyna PERELYHINA. Activity of the Scientific Library of National University of Water Management and Natural Resources Use in the light of the modernisation of higher education.  С. 296–301

Larysa LYSSENKO, Iryna NAUMENKO. Certain strategies of The Library of the Higher School “Poltava University of Economics and Trade”.  С. 302–306

Liubov PYNDA. Information and bibliographical supply of educational process and scholarly researches (as based on Scientific Library of L’viv National Agricultural University).  С. 307–311

Tetyana BULAKH. Reading promotion as a pledge of book industry development: modern national and foreign experience.  С. 312–317

Nataliya TKACHENKO. Advantages of university repositories for the promotion of education in Ukraine.  С. 318–321




Mykola IL’KIV-SVYDNYTS’KYI. Paleografiya i kodikologiya: 300 let posle Monfokona. Materialy Mezhdunarodnoy nauchnoy konferentsiyi, Moskva, 14–16 maya 2008 g. / redkol.: B. L. Fonkich (otv. red.) i dr. Moskva, 2008. 295 p.  С. 322–333


The university library in the informational society: bibliography materials (based on the materials of professional periodic in 2000–2012). С. 334–341.

Special types and elements of the text: filling with form and content, nature of the formation, features of the editorial preparation for printing: bibliography materials (based on the materials of professional periodic in 2000–2012).  С. 342–345.

Concepts, terminology system, content of editing as a component of editorial and publishing process: bibliography materials (based on the materials of professional periodic in 2000–2012).  С. 346–351

The overview of foreign literature on library science and informology.  С. 352–373

Interdisciplinary programme “Cultural heritage of former monasteries abolished in the 18th–19th cc. on the territory of Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and Silesia: fate, importance, inventory” – future cooperation.  С. 374–379


The chronicle of the cultural-educational events of the Ivan Franko National University of L’viv Research Library in the late 2012 – first half of 2014.  С. 380–403



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