Visnyk of the Lviv University.
Series Bibliology, Library Studies and Information Technologies


2015. Issue 10





Mykola ILKIV-SVYDNYTSKYI. “In aedibus Aldi”: chapters and stories from the book publishing activities of Aldo Manuzio senior and his successors.  P. 3–36

Oleksandr SEDLIAR. Literature exchange between Lviv and Kyiv in early 1860s: cooperation between Yakiv Holovatskyi, Sylvestr Hohotskyi and Ksenofont Hovorskyi.  P. 37–52

Tetiana KAROYEVA. Introducing the habit of reading to Podillia peasants in 1850s–1880s.  P. 53–62

Agnieszka BANGROWSKA (BAKALARZ). Microbial assessment of the conservation status of selected library collections from Jasna Góra library in Częstochowa.  P. 63–69

Anna HALABURDA. Causes of destruction of paper of periodicals dating back to late 19th – early 20th century and the methods of conservation.  P. 70–77




Nazariy LOSHTYN. Inventories and catalogues of the libraries of the Catholic monasteries of XVI–XVIII centuries in the stocks of the Scientific Library of Lviv Ivan Franko National University.  P. 78–90

Olena FIHEL. Socio-psychological climate at a scientific library (based on the materials of a psychological survey of the employees of the Scientific Library of Lviv Ivan Franko National University).  P. 91–97

Halina RUSIŃSKA-GIERTYCH. Labor market and professional training of librarians in Poland (case study of the Institute of Scientific Information and Library Studies of the Wroclaw University).  P. 98–106




Yevanhelina CHYRUK. Personal bibliography in the scientific works of Mykhailo Pavlyk.  P. 107–116

Valentyna BEREZKINA. Registration and analytical catalogue of the Ukrainian periodicals of the department of foreign Ukrainian studies of V. I. Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine as part of the Ukrainian bibliographical repertory.  P. 117–122

Halyna BELIAVSKA, Nadiya KOZEL. Milestones in the compilation of the bibliographical index “Lviv Polytechnic Institute in publications” and research of Lviv periodicals.  P. 123–131




Bohdan SMEREKA. Levies registers in the Polish Kingdom: the process of tax collection and information value of the documents (case study of the levies register of Lviv land of Rus province in 1552).  P. 132–144

Andriy FELONIUK. “…Ten ostatniey woli moiey zestawuię testament”. The Lviv printer Pawel Józef Golczewski’s testament from 1751.  P. 145–152

Ryszard NOWAKOWSKI. Lviv collections of Polish press (1801–1939) as a valuable historical source. Characteristics of the most important groups of periodicals.  P. 153–175




Vasyl KMET. Retrospective periodicals in the formation of philosophy of national memory (based on the experience of the University library).  P. 176–184

Liubov PUHACH. Cultural and artistic activities of the reading rooms of the Mykhailo Kachkovskyi society.  P. 185–191

Liudmyla BILYMENKO, Olena ZALIZNIUK. Topics of publications in the periodical of the imprisoned Ukrainians “Vilne slovo” (1917–1918).  P. 192–197

Liubov PYNDA. Ukrainian economic and cooperative periodicals in Halychyna in 1920s–1930s.  P. 198–213

Orysia VEY. Social and political topics on the pages of Ukrainian Catholic newspapers in Halychyna during the interwar period.  P. 214–221

Beata LANGER. Stanislaw Wasilewski in periodicals in 1945–2013: research review.  P. 222–232

Andriy TSEBENKO. Orthodox church periodicals in the Czech lands and Slovakia in the second half of XXth– beginning of XXIth c.  P. 233–244




Marianna MOVNA. Bibliology meetings in Krakow.  P. 245–246

Halyna BILOVUS. Ukrayins’ke perekladoznavstvo XX storichchya: bibliografiya / uklav Taras Shmiger; L’vivs’kyj natsional’nyj universytet imemi Ivana Franka, Naukove tovarystvo imeni Shevchenka. L’viv, 2013.  P. 247–249

Halyna BILOVUS, Liubov CHETVERYK. Questions of development of local history bibliography in the materials of professional periodics (2000–2014): bibliography materials.  P. 250–257

Jacek WOJCIECHOWSKI. The review of foreign literature on library studies and informology.  P. 258–284

The chronicle of the cultural-educational events of the Lviv Ivan Franko National University Scientific Library in the second half of 2014–2015.  P. 285–306



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